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Thank you Melinda for helping us buy our first home, you made the whole journey as stress free as possible for us and we really appreciate it. You were so professional and efficient throughout the whole process, thank you again!

Jaimey and Matt

renovating couple
To Whom it may concern,
I would just like to thank Melinda Bowman for all of her hard work in helping us achieve satisfaction with our home loans and investment loans. Melinda has always shown her professionalism and helped us with every detail along the way. We have dealt with Melinda on many occassions over the past 3 years and she has always shown great professionalism, as well as a genuine care for he clients and their successful outcomes. We always been pleased with Melinda’s work. We’ve recommended her to friends and family on many occasions and will continue to do so. Thankyou Melinda.

Tracey and Tony

Melinda was our most important resource when it came to purchasing our first home.  She provided us with up-to-date information and guidance in choosing the right lender suitable to us and our needs.  Mel took care of all of our paperwork, explained everything in detail, and made recommendations where we needed assistance.  She was available for phone calls all hours of the day and weekends too; answering all of our (sometimes silly and repetitive) questions.
Mel has continued to provide us with outstanding advice and support in a few other areas since our first home purchase, and we are very grateful for it!  We certainly recommend Mobile Mortgage Lenders as your next step!

Joel and Jessica

While looking for a new home to buy my partner and I went to our local bank branch to apply for a pre approved home loan. After Many phone calls from the bank we were not approved for a home loan. The real estate we were dealing with when we found a home suggested a mortgage lender Melinda Bowman from Mobile Mortgage Lenders. I called Melinda and arranged a meeting in our home to discuss option regarding a home loan. After discussing how much we needed Melinda went to work to see which Bank would lend us the money. We did not take into account our age in which was a shock to us as we didn’t give that much thought. Melinda tailored the loan to meet our needs by getting us a good interest rate and for a 30 year term. This was a relief knowing we could buy our own home. Melinda Bowman was very helpful and informative and I would recommend her services to my family and friends.

Pam and Cameron

To Whom it may concern,
My husband and I wanted to try a mobile lender service, as we had been through a broker before, and didnt have time to go into a bank. Melinda Bowman contacted us straight away and did a rough calculation of what we could borrow then made an appointment to come and see us. We had been contacted by our current bank, but their mobile lender never done any follow up, so we decided to go with Melinda as she was ready and willing to go ahead with our refinance and new land and building loans. Melinda explained the loans to us which we could understand and we were happy with how the loans were to work. Melinda was very prompt, efficient, organised, and had a very friendly and bubby attitude towards us. Melinda is still assisting us post setting up the loans which i find excellent and a great assistance,as going into a branch which can take forever.

Kelly and David

To Melinda
We wish to thank you so much for a job well done! It was such a wonderful and really humbling experience working with you in our recent first home loan. Each step of the loan, you just kept us well informed, and gave great attention to the details that are so important. You have a positive, get it done approach to helping us with the loan, even though we faced many hurdles with our builder, you were always accessible good on follow up and always willing to take the time to explain any details to us. Melinda, you delivered a very high level of service, and we will always recommend you to our friends! Thank you so much, you have been amazing we could not have asked for better service!

Marius and Yolandi

Both Heidi and I first met Melinda Bowman a few years ago after a referral from a close personal friend, during our first meeting we felt relaxed and trusting of Melinda and the product on offer.
Melinda is a people person, well suited to this position and has the vibrant personality to go with the territory. In the time we have been with our current lender our financial circumstances have changed along with our package structure, these transitions sacrificed a fair bit of Melinda’s own family time as there were a lot of visits after hours and on weekends to suit our requirements. Melinda has been well trained as this shows in her knowledge of the requirements in lending. All our enquires and replies are of a very high standard.
The main point most of all, Melinda is understanding to our needs, she is very polite and well spoken, her “customer service” is of the best I have dealt with in my working career.. We have nothing but the highest regard for Melinda, we class her as our own personnel banker! As do all her clients because they too receive the same 1-1 service at a personnel level, unfortunately this trait is slowly fading from society today. We have no problems in referring Melinda.

Dion and Heidi

To Me, I just wanted to thank you for the way in which you helped Mark and I go through the process of applying for and receiving our home loan.  You were always available, made everything as simple as you could and answered any questions we had.   You put things in simple terms, and explained the process which to new home buyers can be a very confusing ordeal.
I would not hesitate in recommending Melinda to friends and family and if we ever need another loan would definitely be returning to Melinda.

Josie and Mark

I Matthew and Sawitree am very satisfied with the loans, and Melinda’s work ethic throughout the process of the application. The service that Melinda’s provided in the last 3and ½ years has been very professional throughout the entire time of our loan mortgage enquiries. I would recommend her to any of my friends for any help on mortgage lending.

Matthew and Sawtree

I have been using Melinda Bowman’s services for the last 2 years, Melinda has helped me get finance for 2 properties and set up my accounts to be easier and more cost effective. I have found Melinda to be very professional, easy to work with and timely in all aspects of our dealings, her attention to detail is also very helpful. On occasions when i have had problems with some branch issues Melinda has gone our of her way to sort them out for me, when other could not. When I am ready to make more purchases Melinda will be the first person i will call upon for finance.


The service provided by or mobile lender, Melinda Bowman for our recent house purchase was fantastic, we very much appreciated the simplicity of the transaction with Melinda coming to our home to discuss the process and collecting all the relevant documentation. All aspects of the loan process were completed quickly and simply and communication was terrific, through the use of email and telephone. We would certainly use Melinda’s Mobile lending service again for our next loan.

Melinda and Terry

Our experience from start to finish with Mobile Mortgage Lenders was fantastic.  The communication, professionalism and efficiency throughout the whole process was above and beyond and because of you, we are now proud homeowners.  We found Mel to be extremely accommodating and family friendly, it didn’t feel like we were doing business on the occasions we met to sort out and finalise our mortgage.
Thank you so much once again we are forever humble and grateful for your service.

Brad and Danielle

Give Melinda a call, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain!
We have used Melinda as a Mobile Lender for the last 10 years for a number of new residential and investment loans and more recently a complete refinance of a number of loans.  During this time we know it would be impossible to get the same discounted interest rates by dealing directly with the banks.  Through all of our interactions we feel Melinda bends over backwards to ensure we get the best possible rate, rebates for refinancing, on time settlement and our loans are properly structured so that we avoid things like Lenders Mortgage Insurance Cross Securing of properties where possible.  On a personal level Melinda is extremely friendly, patient and is able to explain sometimes complex matters quite simply.  She has worked extremely hard for us and basically gone into bat for us and we are more than impressed with our recent restructure that is saving us huge amounts of money whilst we remain with a ‘Big 4 Bank’. 
We have no hesitation in recommending Melinda for any mortgage enquiries and would encourage you to call Melinda to check you are getting the best deal possible.

Sarah and Craig

Melinda was recommended to my Wife and I after much searching for a Home Loan Provider who could think outside of the box, who wasn’t rushed and could tailor a loan to suit our particular and challenging needs. I knew within the first few minutes of our first phone call that Melinda was going to be able to assist us and provide a human personal touch to our endeavour of getting into our new home. I found Melinda to be friendly, open, honest, direct, experienced, extremely organised, highly efficient, expedient, dedicated and above all very professional. Even after the loan was settled, Melinda continued to follow up with our progress and gave us little reminders to assist us until we were safely moved into our new home. Now that is personal and friendly dedicated service!
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Melinda’s personal service to anybody seeking Mortgage or Finance Customised assistance. I know who I am calling in the future again.

Chris and Ondrea

Hi Melinda,
On Friday when Tad and I came home from work a parcel was sitting waiting for us. I hadn’t ordered anything and either had Tad; so what was it. When we opened it, there was a lovely white box with a green ribbon wrapped around. The card explained everything. Thank you Melinda for this lovely surprise. It is us that should be sending you something. We so appreciate your patience and skill in assisting us with this massive transition from our existing financial arrangements to what we have in place today. I realise it is too early to tell just how it will operate for us, but we are both confident that it will be far better than what we had before.
 Thank you for help and it was so re-assuring to know you were on the task at all times.  I hope you don’t mind us retaining your contact details in case we need assistance again in the future.
 All the best and once again THANK YOU!!

Tad and Judy

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